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“You beat me to stupor when I was pregnant, and I went into forced labor,” Grace Amarachi responds to her baby daddy, Yomi Fabiyi

Grace Amarachi, a Nollywood actress, has retaliated against her baby daddy, actor Yomi Fabiyi, after he refuted her charges against him.

Previously, it was stated that the actor, who had a child with Amarachi in February 2022, broke his silence after being accused of demanding sex for parts and that the actress’ pregnancy was the result of their romance.

Grace Amarachi fires

Yomi, who responded to the charges, claimed that the actress made passes at him first, and he went on to reveal a snapshot of their first discussion in which she referred to him as her “crush.”

He also accused the actress of being unduly possessive, physically violent, and blackmailing him with his undies, threatening to ruin his life and career. He claimed he had to file a court suit against her.

He also denied that they were married, pointing out that she was merely his girlfriend. Read more here.

In a fresh development, Amarachi has resorted to Instagram to respond to the actor’s allegation and dispute his claim of physical abuse.

According to her, the actor was the one who beat her up and forced her into forced labor while she was significantly pregnant.