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“Who do Nigerians like this?” – Lady recreates Asake’s ‘Yoga’ music video, dresses like singer, her creativity amazes many (Watch)

A woman from Nigeria reproduced the hit song “Yoga” by well-known artist Asake, and it quickly went viral online.

With the release of his first hit of 2023, “Yoga,” Asake once more found his name on the minds of music fans. The song, which is mostly sung in Yoruba, was released by the “Terminator” actor along with a catchy music video that portrays a meaningful message that is skillfully woven throughout the song.

Asake claims that the song is about zen and tranquility. The music video, which acclaimed cinematographer TG Omori directed, was shot in Dakar, Senegal, and features vibrant images.

The youthful content producer, however, lost no time in joining the “Yoga” music video and even dressing like the singer.

The most impressive part of the reconstruction was how, while demonstrating the film, she created a beard and moustache on her face using eyelashes.

Many internet users were astounded and praised the attractive woman for her originality. They also praised the videographer for making the reproduction look really professional.

View the video here: