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‘We came to buy things’ – White Money bumps into Angel at pharmacy, shares fun moment [Video]

The winner of BBNaija Season 6, White Money, and his coworker Angel walked into one another and made sure to record the pleasant moment.

The influencers stumbled into each other inside the pharmacy when they went there to get anything else.

White Money posted a video of Angel playing with him in the store on social media.

He allegedly asked who would accept to be her buddy in response to her referring to him as her boyfriend. She went on to say that she is currently looking for a boyfriend.

In the footage, Angel can be seen kissing his cheek and saying, “You guys look at who I met in the pharmacy.”

Whitemoney then laughed about their visit, stating, ‘We came to buy things.’ The two stars burst out laughing when he said it because they understood what he meant.