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Nina Ivy, a reality TV personality, has criticized Opeyemi Falegan, actress Nkechi Blessing’s ex-boyfriend.

After Falegan accused Nkechi of lacking personal hygiene on Instagram, the reality star referred to him as a “jobless person” in an Instagram post on Thursday.

Nina responded to the accusation by calling Opeyemi an unemployed person who enjoys attracting public attention.

In response to his assertions, the former Big Brother Housemate criticized Opeyemi for being jobless and lingering around the actress since their dramatic divorce in the news comments section.

Opeyemi, she claims, is taking advantage of the attention generated by her dramatic separation from the actress.

“This guy is obviously jobless and is loving all of the limelight y’all are giving him,” she says.

In the meantime, Nkechi Blessing has responded to her ex-boyfriend Opeyemi Falegan’s assertion that she is unclean.

The actress called them a “mighty lie” and questioned why he is having trouble moving on since they broke up.

She claims she doesn’t own any pants, doesn’t wear them, and has never worn them since she was 18.

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