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“The Duchess of London has turned Duke, and he has finally chosen God’s call” – Reactions to James Brown’s first public appearance as a man [Photos/Video]

James Brown, a Nigerian crossdresser, has made a sensation online after ditching his feminine attire for a male ensemble at an occasion.

The crossdresser drew a lot of attention at the Trendupp Awards 2022, where he was dressed dapperly in masculine traditional clothes and wore his cap.

Nigerians reacted positively to it, praising him for resuming his previous appearance.

Many people believe he looks better when he is dressed as himself.

James Brown, on the other hand, was honored with the Force of Online Sensational 2022 award. He won the honor over reality star Maria Chike Benjamin, singer Portable, Isreal DMW, and others.

James Brown ni wan go to jail, layo lasmpress

priscamaths24: With his true identity, James looks better.

nickkylawve: I think James looks better in his second gender.

omo princess don become prince tonight ooo. habbeynagogo: omo princess don become prince tonight ooo. God is magnificent.

Our princess doesn’t return to the prince, omotolani 14.

_rhowdah: _rhowdah: _rhowdah James Brown, on the other hand, appears to be in good shape. Please stick to this look. Biko

adenike joyce: I like it. Today, James Brown is looking peng o.

vibe with annie1: As you can see, James appears to be a better human being.

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