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“Learn to move with security,” say hoodlums as they attack Portable and destroy his multi-million naira car

Portable, a prominent and controversial Nigerian artist, was attacked by hoodlums who damaged his car on the main road in Ogun state.
On Friday, a video was uploaded on social media showing the musician being dragged away following a tussle with the hoodlums who smashed his car.

The hoodlums had his car kidnapped and damaged, according to Portable.

The enraged musician also pleaded with thieves to stop smashing his automobiles via his Twitter profile.

“They are not fans akoi thief ZAzuu please am pleading to the thief that called themselves fans to stop breaking my cars good fans will not damage cars or hijack from me,” he wrote alongside the video.
ZAzuu, I sincerely appreciate my true fans.”

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