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“I Nor Dey Fear Level One Housemates, Nor Be By Accent Or Big Body”- Phyna, Daniella, Kess & Pharmsavi First Diary Session

The housemates of Big Brother Nigeria’s seventh season are now participating in their first diary session with Biggie. Here is a section from the diary session with Phyna, Daniella, Kess, and Pharmsavi.


I’ve had a good time so far living here. I do enjoy myself. At my 20-year-old audition, I was informed that I was ineligible due to my age. I’ve had five auditions. For me, this experience is heaven on earth; big brother is Jesus Christ in human form. Anyone who enters this home finds their life to be better. I’ve had disagreements with a few of my housemates, but I don’t fear anyone. I don’t hold grudges and I don’t even recall what caused Amaka and I to fight. Ginger is given to the level 1 house guys. Also not by appearance or accent. They don’t scare me at all. Belle is always facing the front. brother, then I must use a filter when I prepare rice.

Biggie: Do you mean a sieve? ???


I’ve been living at home and winning money this year. There is no need for that because level 1 housemates already annoy people at my level. I came here for the game, and I’m a child of grace.


My experience in the residence thus far has been bizarre. I wasn’t prepared for it, and I’m looking forward to the curves that Biggie has in store for us. It was rather chaotic as I arrived by boat from the Benin Republic. In contrast to level 2 housemates, level 1 housemates are expressive and impulsive. Since it’s still early in the show, my chances of winning are 50%.


It’s not true, despite what I used to hear, that you need a connection to access BBnaija. My audition was difficult, but it was worthwhile, and my trip to BBNaija House has been incredible. My apartment neighbors have been cordial. Body-built Level 1 housemates appear to be fully prepared to win the game.