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He lacks fight, according to UCL – Arsene Wenger criticizes a Manchester City player and explains how Real Madrid won the Champions League

After Manchester City’s Champions League semi-final second-leg 3-1 defeat to Real Madrid on Wednesday, former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger lambasted Jack Grealish for lacking “fight.”

Wenger also highlighted why Real Madrid won the Santiago Bernabeu against Manchester City.

Remember that Grealish was on the verge of putting the game to bed before Real Madrid’s comeback, having made an early impact from the bench, but Wenger believes Grealish was to blame for Rodrygo’s second of the night.

Real Madrid eliminated Man City thanks to a brace from Rodrygo and a goal from Karim Benzema.

“When you look at 1-1 when Grealish is up against Carvajal, he’s passed too easily,” Wenger said.

“He must battle tooth and nail to stop that cross!”

“You don’t want the ball in the box,” he continued, “because anything can happen when everyone goes forward.”

“Defending on the sides is where City failed to secure the game.” Because they conceded, and even after Benzema returned the ball, they did not really assault the defenders, and they committed major errors.”

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