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Dorathy Bachor, a reality TV personality, has revealed her displeasure with what fans do to them (reality show stars).

When asked if she believes viewers have unrealistic expectations of reality TV personalities, she told Punch, “That is a typical phenomenon with public characters.” Yes, fans have unreasonable expectations at times, but one is entirely in control and responsibility for one’s decisions, therefore it is up to one.”

Dorathy Bachor also counseled women who were in toxic relationships to leave them.

“You deserve better,” the busty reality TV star said to the ladies. Never undervalue yourself. A poisonous man will always be toxic, so gather your wits like the queens you are and move on.”

Bachor also mentioned that acting is a part of her, although she has not pursued it more seriously. “Acting is actually one element of myself that I have been casual about, but I am thrilled and very excited to feature in the film, ‘Brotherhood,'” she stated. The character I played is not the same as me. I am grateful to have been a part of such a fantastic endeavor. I can’t wait for it to be released in theaters.”