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Reality TV personality, Beatrice Tetenge has opened up to her Instagram followers about why she lied about having a boyfriend.

We recall Beatrice telling her co-housemates that she was in a committed relationship and that her boyfriend was handling her page and managing her business.

However, during a question and answer session with fans on Instagram, Beatrice revealed that lying about being in a relationship was all part of her strategy.

In other news, Beatrice blamed her early eviction from the reality show on her refusal to do certain things on the show earlier this month.

Beatrice remarked that because there aren’t many activities to do in the house, housemates often start doing strange and immoral things only to entertain viewers, and she wasn’t ready to sacrifice her core principles, which is why people dubbed her “boring.”

Beatrice, on the other hand, took part in the Truth or Dare game multiple times. She even kissed Pere once.

Beatrice tweeted:

“You will think the show is boring until you get into the house and see there’s nothing you can do to make it more interesting.

To please the viewers, you might have to let go of some of your core values. If you don’t, they call you boring;

 If you do they’d say you are doing too much! Either ways they’d vote you out; so just do YOU because people will always talk.”