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Adekunle reported to the other housemates during their pool party that Groovy and Phyna were having s**x in the toilet.

As expected, there have been some reactions on social media. Among the social media comments are:


They are adults na, and by the way this one is Lies upon lies,so if they want to have sex it will be the outside toilet beside the pool bah, anywayz she went to pee and came back immediately, groophy have already told you guys it is happening after 9days but for inside the bbn house it is cancelled…..Agend*a people rest and focus on how to make money online with your data, instead of dragging innocent souls………


E reach your fav turn now, he turn instigator. Since others have been talking about it, u guys were busy hailing?


It’s the look Bryan gave him for me like how is a grown up man talking like a child ?


It would just happen phyna would be pregnant before the show ends , because she too they like it


This Adekunle is something else o.. Abeg carry ur talk away from my baby Bri o.. ???