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Big Brother Naija’s besties, Doyin and Allysn, have reunited following a brief squabble yesterday.

Doyin confronted Allysyn, who declined and exited. Doyin is outraged after witnessing her blossoming buddy disrespect her in this manner.

Doyin was furious when she returned from Level 3 since her bestie had not greeted her as she had expected after she was deemed evicted.

They had a civilized conversation after both parties had calmed down and apologized for their unacceptable conduct.

Both ladies have been friends since the first week in the house and have always been able to handle their differences amicably.

Hermes, one of the BBNaija season 7 housemates, has finally disclosed to Big Brother his future plans for his budding romance with co-housemate Allysyn.

During his diary session, the former HoH stated that he was afraid about his “Queens” accepting his new romantic interest, so he wanted to be as non-committal as possible without losing Allysyn.

Remember how Allysyn startled fans by initiating a kiss with Hermes last Saturday? The housemates have already formed a thriving ship and are spending hours in bed together.

After bonding with Adekunle, Allysyn opened the episode on a stormy note. She offered the former HoH a hot breakfast weeks later after clearing the air on the possibility of anything romantic between them.