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Bbnaija 2022 Week 4 Nomination: Modella, Pharmsavi, Amaka, Groovy, Others Up For Possible Eviction

Eloswag, the current house captain, has nominated Chizzy, Daniella, Kess, Modella, Pharmsavi, Amaka, and Groovy for eviction this week.

The winner of the house, Eloswag, was summoned to the diary room to designate seven roommates for elimination this week.

The following are his nominations:








Following the completion of the nomination process, the five housemates who will be evicted this week are as follows. Chizzy cannot be evicted since she is a rider and Modella is a phony housemate.

The remaining housemates facing elimination are listed below.






By voting for a housemate who has been nominated for eviction, you can save them from eviction.

Today’s Head of House game was broken into two sections. In phase one, each housemate had to finish a Jigsaw puzzle in 7 minutes. Only the top three housemates who complete the task in the quickest period of time will be promoted to the next stage. Adekunle, the current Speaker, was not permitted to attend.

No housemate had completed the jigsaw piece by the end of the first phase. Big Brother, on the other hand, chose six housemates (Bryann, Diana, Daniella, Eloswag, Pharmsavi, and Hermes) who got the furthest in the first phase to compete for the three-stage two spots. The six housemates were given one minute to complete the jigsaw puzzle. Eloswag, Hermes, and Bryann completed their Jigsaw puzzle in under a minute and moved on to the next round.

In Phase 2, the game was only timed for two minutes. Housemates were given broomsticks and asked to count how many sticks were in the group. The roommate with the most accurate predictions wins. The total number of broomsticks counted by each housemate at the end of stage two is shown below.

390 broomsticks for Hermes

105 – Bryann

390 – Eloswag

Eloswag was declared the winner of the Head of House game since Big Brother revealed the correct number of broomsticks. He and the other Level 1 housemate are now immune to nominations for the rest of the week. He will now propose five Level 2 roommates for elimination.