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The world its self is a mystery and that’s why it is consist of so many dilemmas like death and its creatures.

There are multiple mysterious existences on earth which you may be denied the knowledge of its features or even its belief of existence.

This is why we have explored and gathered a few of them to instil in you the need to succumb to the notion that the world is a mystery.

In this article, we would reveal these mysteries and explain them in details via the hierarchy of our understanding. Check out below and thrill to the knowledge.

Mysterious things you may not know exist


Generally, ghosts are believed to have been a soul from a dead body who has crossed the bond of the living to death. This is clearly the belief that has won our instinct.

However, despite all the dilemma and activities, we record from the ghosts some people are yet to succumb to the notion that Ghost exists.

From multiple experiences, we have sponsored the belief that ghost truly exists till date. Their activities are experienced by few humans and that’s why it’s pretty much hard for 50% of the world population to believe in this mystery.

They always operate at nights and can be seen in lonely place and forest. Ghost also visit their favourite personals but with the facts of vengeance, it is believed they are embossed with powers. When one succumbs to the call of nature he or she becomes powerful and possess the qualities of whispering, appearing and disappearing. However, this is labelled a mystery but from experiences, they exist.

Ghost hunters in several circumstances have captured ghosts with their cameras and this has convinced us to believe that ghost truly exist. We can’t go further about the journey of the ghosts for they are mysteries.

Blue plankton ocean

There are rivers or oceans which glows and give out blue light rays at night. You’d probably doubt this but they are real.

Blue plankton ocean or rivers are found in Puerto Mosquito, Vieques, Puerto Rico. Mosquito Bay, found on the tiny Caribbean island of Vieques, Halong Bay, Vietnam, Waitomo, New Zealand, Springbrook Park, Australia, San Juan Island, Washington, U.S. Big South Fork, TN/KY.

The nature of their blue light rays at night attracted the world scientist and they explored them to find out that their blue light glows at night is thrust by millions of blue plankton algae residing at the bottom of the river or ocean. It’s believed that these planktons reproduce every single minute making it impossible for the blue light rays to fade.

Many people disclosed that the river is the god’s habitats but this was not approved by the scientists who explored it multiple times. They are currently recognised as a tourist centre where multiple tourists visit to thrill their eyes.

Pink River

In Canada, there is a pink river located at Waterton lakes national park which flows vertically to its various destinations. Its colour is all pink and sometimes seen in red appearance.

This is labelled as the most unbelievable nature which truly exists. It’s no magic, it’s no photoshop and it’s no tales. It’s a reality.

The pink pigment of the river is caused by sediment called agrolite which gives the river its pink colour when they mix with water during heavy rainfall. However, this occurs within a short period especially when there is heavy rainfall. Agrolite would always mix with the river if there is heavy rainfall which gives its iconic pink appearance.

Photographers and tourist have named the pink river as their favouritism via their activities. They thrill and enjoy their leisure times mostly in Canada. Are you still amazed? There is no time to doubt, truly there is a pink river.

Underwater discoveries

This is the largest point of this article. We would in detail reveal to you the beauty of these underwater discoveries you may not know exist.

From several discoveries and explorations, scientists have discovered several underwater glamours and there are still many more to come as they still thrive to discover new things and places.

In the late century, marine divers were embossed and engulfed with fright and knowledge of the sea monsters which has best restricted their discoveries as of then. Whales, Dolphins and other sea creatures were labelled as sea monsters until advanced science emerged at its peak and people were corrected of their misconception.

Molinere underwater sculpture 

Just like living beings, this sculpture beneath the ocean, gave iconic beauty via how they are linked in a cumulative display. A professional artist known famously as Jason Declaires Taylor professionally gave out a good result from his talent beneath the ocean.

This sculpture is a group of people who are looking up in optimism for an unknown reason. The beauty of the sculpture has attracted multiple tourists from across the globe as they explore and thrill at its beauty. It’s located at the bottom of the sea in Granada in Spain.

Vampire squid 

The water animal which is known poorly as vampyroteuthis infernalise is also one of the sea mysteries which you may tag magic, it’s no magic for they exist.

It’s a deep sea-dwelling creature that is barely seen due to its disruptive dark-red colouration. They are also professed dangerous for their tentacles possess sharp spikes which are lined beneath their membranes. They use this medium for defence and protection. Multiple sea divers have experienced its danger and they have been staked precious for they are barely seen.

They feed on marine-snow particle using their membrane as their net of sorts. It’s a dream for all sea divers to set their eyes on the squid because they are merely seen.


It’s staked that ‘what goes around comes around’ the things you do today will hunt you tomorrow. This is referred as “Karma” many people have publicly announced their view of karma which has best staked it impossible to exist but they actually exist.

Karma is a belief that whatever you do to your fellow human being will definitely affect you with its attached features. If you do bad, it will affect you negatively. If you portray good temperaments it will affect you positively.

Following how bandits, wicked politicians and evil souls are dominating the world activities with their wicked approaches without being hurt or rewarded with the law of Karma, many people have succumbed to the belief that Karma doesn’t exist. Karma exists because from multiple experiences, we have recorded enough moments it happened. Religious leaders have also preached about the mystery of this; cautioned people to treat their neighbours right for the law of Karma may turn against them.

How do you treat your neighbour or people who are close to you? It’s clear, the way you treat people will be the way you will be treated maybe in a 19 years difference.