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Chiwetalu Agu, a veteran movie star, has confessed that his opponents organized and dispatched a large number of operatives to assassinate him.

The actor posted a video in which he removed arrows, bullets, stones, and a mirror from his chest, neck, and shoulder region and described them. Chiwetalu, on the other hand, praised God for foiling the enemy’s goals and preserving him alive despite the attacks.

In a disturbing video, popular Nollywood veteran Chiwetalu Agu said that he beat his foes and foiled a plot to kill his life.

The actor sat behind a table with various materials such as nails, cowries, stones, bullets, and other intriguing items in the video below.

Chiwetalu Agu bares it all. He went on to say that a prophet removed the objects from his shoulder, neck, and chest region, and he explained the various varieties of countless arrows on the table.

The actor, on the other hand, credited his salvation to the fact that he is one with God and thus immune to harm. “I was seeing myself 5 feet under the ground in my sleep at one point,” he stated.

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