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Temilade Openinyi, a.k.a. Tems, a well-known fast-rising artist who recently revealed a rare photo of her mother, has shared a harrowing tale from her life before notoriety.

According to Tems, her and her mother’s life was not easy because they faced many challenges, one of which was when her mother was attacked by someone who broke into their home and held her at knifepoint. And, at one point in their terrible life, she quit her job and requested her mother for permission to study music, which significantly improved their situation.

Tems went on to reveal that one of her big songs, ‘Mr. Rebel,’ will be dedicated to her mother.

According to GISTLOVER, a rare snapshot of Tems’ mother appeared online, inspiring many people to respond with amusing comments.

Tems and her mother were seen in a warm and welcoming embrace.