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Anthony Daniel Nsikan, also known as Jay Boogie, a Nigerian crossdresser and celebrity, has said that his parents are proud of him for being transgender.

The transvestite who recently claimed to have undergone gender reassignment surgery to become a woman made this admission on his Instagram account in response to critics who asked how his parents felt about his new identity.

Jay Boogie’s parents are “very pleased” with him, according to a video collection of his photographs he released on Wednesday, July 6.

See the examples below:

Jay Boogie hinted to his followers a long back that he had gender transition surgery. Despite the fact that we all know it’s all for clout and social media stardom.

The transvestite who posted images of himself dressed as a female flaunted his new genital.

Gender reassignment surgery, often known as gender affirmation surgery, refers to procedures that assist individuals in transitioning to their self-identified gender.

“Loving my new genital and the new life while minding my own business since what you think about me is completely your concern, not mine,” JayBoogie captioned the new stunning photographs he shared on Instagram.