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“Money doesn’t improve your quality of life in Nigeria,” musician Djinee says after spending hours stuck in traffic in Lagos

Osayamwen Donald, better known as Djinee, a Nigerian musician, has stated that money does not improve one’s quality of life in Nigeria.

On Sunday, June 10, the ‘Ego’ singer took to Twitter to write a thought piece about the horrible state of the country after spending hours stuck in traffic.

Nigeria, he claims, is not working, and anyone who claims differently is a fool.

 Djinee says

Read the whole of his post below.

“At long last, I can tweet this.” I was gone for 16 hours on Friday and Saturday. 9 of those minutes were spent stuck in traffic. 4 hours to the place and 5 hours back. “Back” wasn’t even home because I needed to find shelter at a friend’s house. I couldn’t drive any further. And other people are subjected to it on a daily basis. This isn’t real life.

You need a higher level of reasoning to understand that money does not improve your quality of life in Nigeria. There were benzes and ranges in that traffic, all as frustrated as everyone else. We’re all wasting productive time. Our collective health is suffering!

I pondered how long I could put up with this. I was still stuck in traffic at midnight the first night. Finally out of it, still driving in pitch black darkness on bad roads in the rain, terrified for my life since this is Nigeria, this is Lagos!

This is not a political message. Lagos is not functioning. Nigeria is not functioning. Inquire of those who have to sweep flood water from their homes or rebuild car engines. Ask the families of Owo, Borno, Adamawa, Kaduna, and other states that, like those in the east, have lost thousands to terrorists.

Lagos has become so capitalist that good urban planning has been neglected. Simply keep selling! Fuel stations compete for space with residential homes on narrow streets. Dangote Refinery was built, but half of the road leading to it is in disrepair. Agbero is quite normal. A metropolis!

Our success criteria have been set so low. That is why we will see all of these things and applaud. Either that, or we’re just plain dumb. Worse, our hunger has rendered our brains drowsy, so we’ll take the crumbs they (politicians) throw at us rather than seek total change!

The one-eyed man rules the world of the blind. You must legally travel out to see what it means to live a good life for less money. If you’ve traveled much and still regard the mess here as usual and support the administrators of this aberration, you’re the biggest PHOOL!”