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Mo Bimpe, an actress, responds to claims that she and Yomi Fabiyi had a falling out because he requested sex for a role

Mo Bimpe, a renowned Nollywood actress, has officially responded to rumors that she and Yomi Fabiyi had a falling out because he demanded sex for a movie role.

Remember that the actor and film director was recently chastised by his baby mama, Grace Amarachi, who accused him of demanding coitus from women in order to cast them in his film.

Grace’s connection with the actor was believed to be a case of “sex for roles,” which finally resulted in pregnancy. During this time, rumors circulated that Mo Bimpe and Yomi Fabiyi had a falling out because he expected intercourse in exchange for a position in his film.

During a question-and-answer session, a fan asked the actress to clarify the charges, and she responded.

“Is it true that you and Yomi dey dispute over s3x for a role?” a fan inquired.

In response, Bimpe stated that the charges are false and that he did not ask her out until they finished the film they were both working on.

He did, however, tell her that if he had known she would reject him down, he would have asked her out before they shot the movie.

She went on to say that when he asked her out, he insisted on either dating her or being enemies with her, so she chose the latter.

In her own words,

No! In fact, he didn’t ask me out until we finished his I movie, in which I appeared (though he claimed that if he knew I was going to say no, he would have asked me out before shooting the movie).

Please see her post below.