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The ex-wife of Nollywood actor Yul Edochie provoked outrage among her followers after confessing she was depressed a few months ago.

This online news outlet reported yesterday on how the mother of four talked up about her mental difficulties and how she overcame them.

May Yul Edochie made this admission after netizens accused her of exploiting her marital circumstances to make money from her admirers.

“I noticed a few comments about May using this to cash out and all of that, and I was like, alright, fine, I’m cashing out right now.”

I don’t wish this on my enemies if I have any at all. Depression is real, and it progresses in stages. Instead of dwelling on my depression, I decided to pick up the pieces of a magnificent world that I had created. A fantastic one that was abruptly crushed. Rather than wallow in depression, I chose to pick up the pieces and go on.

It has not been an easy road. I’m delighted I appear to be happy and strong. I’m happy, and I’m delighted I can go out and do things. I’m astonished by the things I do. It’s all because of my family’s and your love and support. These are the things that have sustained me. People claim I inspire and motivate them, but the truth is that you guys have inspired me.”

May Yul Edochie uploaded a new Instagram post with inspiring remarks, suggesting that when questions emerge about how far one can go, one should recall everything they have overcome.

“Whenever you doubt your ability to go further, consider how far you have already come.” Remember everything you’ve gone through, all the battles you’ve won, and all the fields you’ve conquered.”

Fans respond to this message by telling May Yul Edochie that they would continue to love and cherish her.

cynthiap1114: May God bless you now and forever.

precious.ijay: You are a beautiful, graceful, clever, and energetic queen. Asa, the Lord is your strength, and you will overcome whatever problems that come your way.

queenite: It’s all right with you, and you’re dearly liked.

nne4real11: Remember that there are many people who actually care about you.

@mayyuledochie, @jennydulcet As always, stunning. Your power is unfathomable. God will always be there for you. I adore you a lot.