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May Edochie responds to the female pastor who claimed Yul Edochie will one day ask for her forgiveness

After a female pastor predicted that her actor husband Yul Edochie would one day ask her for forgiveness, brand influencer May Edochie replied.

A few days prior, she discussed how she was able to deal with the devastating news of her husband’s engagement to Judy Austin, a coworker of his.

Remember how the mother of four said that the development she went through was something she wouldn’t wish on her worst enemies?

May Edochie was recently told to calm down by a female fan who identified herself as Pastor Fortunata from Tanzania in the comment area.

She claims that Yul Edochie will undoubtedly go back and ask her forgiveness.

“From what I’ve heard, your husband will eventually approach you and plead for help. Evangelist Fortunata. She wrote, “From Tanzania.

May Edochie respond by thanking her for the prayers.

She said, “Thank you for your prayers.

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May Edochie Replies Female Pastor Who Said Yul Edochie Will Beg Her For Forgiveness One Day