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Lojay & Sarz – Monalisa (Franglish & DJ Babs Remix)

Monalisa (Franglish & DJ Babs Remix) by Lojay & Sarz

Lojay & Sarz – Monalisa (Franglish & DJ Babs Remix)
Lojay & Sarz – Monalisa (Franglish & DJ Babs Remix)

Two very gifted musicians from Nigeria, Sarz, and Lojay are back on the music scene with a new version of their popular song, “(Franglish & DJ Babs Remix).”

Additionally, this incredible rendition was done by Sarz and Lojay.

Also, don’t miss out on this incredibly popular tune.

Sarz and Lojay, two exceptionally skilled local Nigerian rap artists, were also mentioned.

Additionally, don’t pass over this fantastic smash single.

New song “(Franglish & DJ Babs Remix)” by a pop group. A lovely verse.

Additionally, you shouldn’t skip this song because it is a wonderful smash.

Consequently, it’s very likely that you are familiar with the most current strange hits if you listen to music.

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