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Nigerian Afro-Dancehall Artist and Global Prison Reform Activist, Lamboginny has released a new tune called BLACK MAN. It has a powerful Afro-beat-style anthem that clearly confronts concerns affecting the worldwide Black community as well as generational injustice against African Americans.

In 1619, the black man left Africa in chains and shackles as slaves, and he continues to be enslaved by institutionalized racism and mass incarceration to this day. The black community in the world has never been permitted to have complete freedom. We feel it is past time to break the generational ties that have bound the black community and allow them to reach their full potential.

Furthermore, this is an outstanding smash song that you should not neglect for any reason.

Aside from that, if you enjoy music, you almost certainly own the most recent bizarre hit single.

Listen and share your thought below: