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“Kneel down to thank anyone who gives you food in Nigeria,” says actress Lucy Ameh after purchasing meals at an expensive price

Lucy Ameh, a Nollywood actress, has resorted to social media to express her displeasure with the recent increase in food costs in Nigeria.

The actor went to the market over the weekend to get some groceries and was astonished to find a tiny quantity of peppers and tomatoes for N1,500.

Lucy Ameh tells

According to Lucy, she purchased it from a frequent customer who always gives her additional peppers and tomatoes, but she was unable to do so this time due to the current inflation.

In addition, the actress advised Nigerians to bow to thank anyone who gives them free meals despite rising food prices.

Woli Arole turned to social media a while back to express her displeasure with the country’s high food prices.

In a video posted to his Instagram page, the comedian wondered if the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, and the present Minister of Agriculture were unaware of the price increase.

Arole mentioned that products are highly expensive and that many people are hungry. Using beans as an example, the comic pondered if they were no longer planted but mined due to their exorbitant market price.

Furthermore, Arole noted that he cannot blame the vendors because they are equally harmed by the price hike.