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King Perryy – On God
King Perryy – On God

The brand-new EP, Continental Playlist, by Nigerian musician King Perryy, is scheduled to be released on February 10. Today, King Perry celebrates the news with the release of the album’s second song, “On God.”

Following the release of the “Turkey Nla” remix with Tekno, King Perryy unleashes “On God,” a song that continues his incredible run of outstanding singles. With his song “Man On Duty,” which has received more than 2.9 million plays on Spotify alone, the singer made his debut in 2018.

With the release of his debut album Citizen of the World in 2021, King Perryy once again exploded onto the music world. Ever then, he has continued to collect sounds that are all his own and guaranteed to capture listeners’ attention from the very first note.

He offers postcards from a world that is challenging to face and much more challenging to turn away from, song by song. The same concepts drive his lines in “On God,” yet occasionally he gives himself permission to bask in the ecstatic ecstasy of his soaring success.

Quotable Lyrics:

Everything I do is on God (on God)
All my steppings, on God (on God)
Na Him dey show me support (on God)
Na Him dey bless my pocket o

All my doings, on God (on God)
All my steppings, on God (on God)
All my show is on God (on God)
Dey bless my pocket o

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