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“It’s made in Germany and serviced by Benz and Lamborghini,” Pretty Mike says of Mercy Eke’s behind [Video]

Pretty Mike, a controversial socialite, has showered encomium and gushed over the buttocks of reality TV star Mercy Eke.

Mercy Eke may be seen twerking in the video while getting complimented by some men in the background.

Pretty Mike, on the other hand, took his compliments to the next level by claiming that her buttocks are produced in Germany and are currently maintained by Mercedes Benz and Lamborghini.

This statement made the individuals in the room giggle as they marveled at the unusual honor.

The winner of Big Brother Naija Season 4 who appeared to be the focus of attention was persuaded to wiggle her buttocks again, which she did.

Mercy Eke is one of the celebrities who has publicly revealed having had plastic surgery to get her desired body shape, and she is not ashamed of it.