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Toke Makinwa, a famous media personality, and lifestyle blogger have stated that she is wary of being strong and wants could be weak with someone.

On Monday, the On-Air Personality said she can’t remember what it’s like to open up and be that vulnerable with another person in an Instagram post.

In her own words,

“I can’t remember what it’s like to be that open and vulnerable with another person, tired of being so powerful.” I’d like to feel soft again. But it is not the way the world is set up today.”

This comes after Toke chastised her pals for failing to offer her support following the premiere of a new film in which she starred.

The TV personality participated in the remake of the Nollywood classic “Glamour Girls,” which debuted on Tuesday, June 24.

Meanwhile, the film has received widespread criticism from moviegoers who feel it fell short of their expectations.

Toke took to Instagram in apparent response to the comments, revealing that her friends did not show her support or acknowledge her acting abilities when the film was published.

She went on to say that none of them should anticipate help from her since she would compensate them in their own currency.

The 37-year-old television personality wrote,

“I’ve had more support from strangers than from friends since the glamour girls came out. I’m not upset or feeling entitled; I’m just putting it out there so that the next time your palm itches to beg for my help on something, remember you stayed silent when it was my chance.” No more wondering what Jesus will do; please be directed.”