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Mercy Eke, Big Brother Naija’s ‘pepper dem’ winner, has created a stir on social media with a recent video in which she discusses the implications of side chicks in relationships.

Mercy Eke stated on the renowned podcast FranklySpeaking that she is not dating any married man but that if she ever drops low enough to become a side-chick to a married man, she will absolutely kidnap the man from his wife.

In her own words;

I’ve never been the sidekick type. I’ll be a wife, but I’ll also endeavor to be my husband’s sidekick. I’m not dating any married men, but if I’m going to be a side-chick, I’m taking your husband.

In point of fact, Big Brother, the platform that catapulted Mercy Eke to fame, is back on our televisions and in our faces with a new season premiering on Saturday, July 23rd, 2022.