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I’m not emotionally strong enough to be a baby mom since this generation makes love appear so difficult with adultery – Beverly Osu

Model and Big Brother Africa contestant Beverly Osu has discussed love and romantic relationships in the modern world.

Beverly Osu stated during an appearance for Vanguard’s web TV program, “Lunch Date with Vanguard,” that she does not want to have a kid outside of marriage because she lacks the mental stability to be a mother.

Big Brother Africa star and model, Beverly Osu has shared her thoughts about love and romantic relationships in this current age.

Speaking in an interview on Vanguard’s online TV show, “Lunch Date with Vanguard”, Beverly Osu said she doesn’t want to have a child of wedlock because she is not emotionally strong to be a baby mama.

This generation make love look so hard with cheating, I'm not emotionally strong to be a baby mama - Beverly Osu

“I know I have supportive system; I have friends, I have family that would be there. But I can’t do that. In a case where it happens, then the child would be in his father’s house. I know they say when you have the child, then you know better, but I tell you, if that happens the child will be in his or her father’s house. That’s why I want to try my best to do it the right way; marriage. And I love love. I want to be in love and obsessed with my family; my partner. We give birth and breed the child together.”

Beverly Osu who also revealed that she is single and open to love, added that this generation is making love look so hard with cheating.