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Eldee, a Nigerian rapper, has stated that he does not regret leaving Nigeria for the United States of America.

He remarked this in response to a follower’s statement that relocating to America is difficult and not always the greatest option.

Eldee responded that he does not regret his decision to leave Nigeria in 2012 since he would not have accomplished as much as he has now if he had not stolen in Nigeria.

“It’s all about perspective,” he wrote on his Instagram story. Everyone’s journey is unique. The actual question is what you mean by “making it.” I have no regrets about my Japa.

“Today, my life is precise as I imagined it in 2012 when I decided I was completely done with Nigeria.”

“We all have various life objectives and priorities. I wanted to be wealthy rather than appear wealthy. The only way I could have accomplished what I have in Nigeria today is if I had stolen the money, and I am not a thief.”

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