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“I saw something, someone should tell me what I just witnessed,” Tonto Dikeh says after being chastised for flaunting her thighs in a park [Video]

Tonto Dikeh, a controversial actress, has caused a stir on social media after an odd and revealing action.


A mother of one, who appeared to be having a fun time with her son and other children at a recreation center, decided to do a strange somersault, which sparked a conversation in her comment section.

Somersault by Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh reveals a part of his body that should not be shown while doing the stunt in the video.

Some commenters on Instagram had the following to say:

“I saw something, someone should explain to me what I just witnessed,” lucythelma wrote.??

“Seems I saw something,” emperiordeaner wrote.??

“Tonto Baby summersault again I want to check stuff real quick,” nux cutie wrote.????

“I know u saw that,” official jethro___ wrote.???

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