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“I run no business without my wife’s approval.” Obi Cubana reveals the secrets to a happy marriage

Obinna Iyiegbu, also known as Obi Cubana, a socialite, and entrepreneur, has spoken up about the influence of his wife, Ebinna Iyiegbu, in his life.

During an interview with Goldmyne, Cubana explained how he met his wife while operating one of his enterprises. He then went on to talk about her influence in his life, noting that his wife is a significant force in his life and that he seeks his wife’s blessing before going on any commercial ventures. He went on to say that she is his biggest supporter and the most honest person he knows.

“She is my biggest cheerleader; she tells me the truth that no one wants to hear.” She is incredibly influential in my decisions and day-to-day actions; there is no business I manage without her input. She is far too spiritual, and she is a powerful force in my life.”

When asked about his marital and family life, Cubana stated that he enjoys his marriage, which is why he flaunts his wife. “I’m having fun with my marriage.” I flaunt my marriage to show everyone that marriage is not a trap; I am a live witness to the fact that I have a beautiful marriage.

“In 14 years of marriage, I have never disliked meeting her. “I am enjoying my marriage with my wife,” he stated emphatically.