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I regret meeting you – Grace Jimoh criticizes Yomi Fabiyi’s for disclosing their child’s face

Yomi Fabiyi, a Nollywood actor, has been called out by his babymama, Grace Jimoh, for posting a video of their child while surrendering his evidence of an assault.

During their tumultuous breakup, the ex-lovebirds have been criticizing each other on social media.

Yomi Fabiyi provided various proofs to refute rumors that he engages in sex for roles.

As part of the evidence against Grace, Yomi uploaded a video showing himself and his son outside his home around midnight.

Grace grieved and called out the actor’s estranged boyfriend for posting a video of their son, asking him if they had to damage each other before separating.

Grace went on to say that displaying their child’s face only to offer evidence made her regret meeting him.