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“I had to flee for my life,” Yomi Fabiyi says as he discloses evidence after being accused of domestic assault by his wife (Video)

Yomi Fabiyi, a famous Nollywood actor, has revealed video proof to disprove domestic violence charges leveled against him by his baby mama, Grace Amarachi.

Grace, who had a kid with Fabiyi in February 2022, had accused the actor of beating her up and pushing her into forced labor while she was heavily pregnant.

Yomi Fabiyi responded by posting footage on his Instagram profile to counter the charges of domestic abuse.

In one of the recordings, the actor claimed that he had to call the cops after midnight because his wife had allegedly threatened to murder him.

He shared the video and wrote,

“EVIDENCE 2 of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE II: Aren’t you supposed to verify when someone gave you a message threatening to damage my brand, profession, and personality, if not that you are an equal criminal and quack?” You label and denigrate me to the detriment of my career.

“It’s a shame that a few people still visit, support, and motivate a criminal who hides behind journalism to do crime with reckless abandon.” These individuals, as well as others who cite the criminal platform as a source, are accomplices and a menace to society.

BEFORE I RUN, I WILL WAIT UNTIL I AM KILLED. Men go through hell, but these crooks continue to use the GENDER CARD AND EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL against them. Enough! As I previously stated, anarchy looms!”

Remember how Yomi Fabiyi’s baby mom complained to notorious blogger Gist Lover about the actor and how he “used” her? Read more here.

“She Want To K!ll Me, I had to run for my life” – Yomi Fabiyi says as he releases evidence after being accused by wife of d0mestic vi0lence (Video) 11


Watch the videos below.