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I Feel Like I Am Attracted To You S*Xually. I Want To Support Your Happiness – Bbnaija’s Hermes Tell Allysyn, She Replies (Videos)

Hermes, a participant in Season 7 of Big Brother Naija, has spoken out about his affections for Allysyn.

The reality star addressed her about his sentiments over a Midnight conversation, when he also mentioned that he has two girlfriends that are acquainted with one another.

He claims that Allysyn is someone he likes and that he wants them to be good friends in the house.

He said to her, “I want to be your close friend; I want to encourage your happiness; I feel like I am drawn to you sexually, and I hope we get to know one other.

In answer, Hermes was asked a crucial question by Allysyn, who was already aware of his two girlfriends outside the home.

She questioned him about what would happen to his other two girlfriends if their relationship within the house ended up being successful.

Look below;