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“I ask for grace,” Portable responds to Terry G’s statement that they cannot be compared musically or intellectually

Habeeb Okikiola a.k.a. Portable, a renowned artist, has started to pray to God for financial prosperity.

On Instagram, the Zazuu Zeh hitmaker posted a video of himself singing a praise song and wrote in the caption that he too prays for grace.

Portable’s remark comes after singer Terry G stated in an interview that there are no grounds for comparison between them.

“I absolutely adore Portable. Despite the fact that I created a “wild genre” of music, this does not preclude someone else from being inspired and unique. He is one-of-a-kind. Nothing he has can be compared to mine, both musically and intellectually. Nobody, in my opinion, should exclude him. He is unstoppable.

What else will happen if he stops talking? That’s his personality. It (controversies) did not begin with me. It started with different individuals representing the streets and will continue. “It’s typical,” Terry G explained.

Portable posted on his Instagram, “I pray for Money and Grace Aje Wami Ri.”