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‘I am probably the cause,’ says Korra Obidi’s sister, Nancy Umeh, as her marriage falls apart

Korra Obidi’s elder sister, Nancy Umeh, a Nigerian dancer, has said that she urged her to stay in her marriage despite Justin Dean’s abuse.

Remember how Korra and her husband split up just days after their second kid, Athena Dean, was born? Dean claimed that his estranged wife was treating him badly in their marriage.

Korra had lately reported that she had accidentally put $5000 into their joint account, which Dean immediately drained. He subsequently claimed it was an error and gave her the money back.

Korra’s sister, on the other hand, has turned to Facebook to discuss Korra and Dean’s relationship.

Korra was allegedly beaten in her marriage, and she advised her to stay since she believes children thrive in a two-parent family.

Justin damaged Korra’s phone several times because he wanted her to stay offline, but when the money started rolling in, he wanted her to use it to pay off his student bills, she added.

She then apologized to Korra for forcing her to stay in the marriage despite her suffering.

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