Michelle Jackson, the ex-wife of Don Jazzy, a prominent music producer and record label executive, has detailed how the latter’s music business interfered with their marriage.


Michelle told Naija FM that she and Don Jazzy met at a club and didn’t see each other until their first date.

“We were in a club, and he was in a band called the Solex Crew at the time,” she explained. They were distributing flyers with the help of a handful of his bandmates. When I finally looked at the leaflet, I noticed this attractive tall man. A friend claimed to know him and offered me his phone number. He didn’t come over; I typed my number into his phone. He called a few days later, and that was about it.”

Don Jazzy, she claims, was devoted to his music at the time. “All he had to do was go be himself and do his music,” she continued. My wedding took place a week after I turned 22. We were both rather young at the time.”

Don Jazzy announced his 18-year marriage to his followers on his Instagram page in April 2021.

“Michelle is so lovely inside and out, with such a sweetheart,” he said, describing her as someone with a decent heart. But then, since I was so young and full of hopes, I messed everything up by devoting all of my time to my music.”

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