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Tanzanian musician, Harmonize has issued an official video for his tune “Deka,” which includes Mabantu.

‘Deka’ follows the release of his music video for ‘Dunia,’ which followed the release of his remorseful Swahili song ‘You.’

Harmonize, on the other hand, has been so consistent in the business this year, dropping records at a rapid pace and gaining more features, that it’s been an exciting year for the phenomenon thus far.

While retaining his distinctive passionate East-African melodies, he is increasingly incorporating English into his songs. If you’re a fan of his kind of music, the entry ‘Deka’ is worth adding to your playlist.

Quotable Lyrics;

Asije akasumbuwa, Deka deka deka
Nikudekez baby deka, hmmm hmmm deka
Aaaah deka nikudekeze, baby girls deka deka deka
Nikudekez baby deka deka deka deka

Watch the video below: