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“Happy Birthday Son” – Mercy Johnson Wows Fans, Shows Off ‘Son’, Junior Johnson For The First Time [Video]

Mercy Johnson Okojie, a Nollywood actress and mother of four, has published a video in which she expresses her love for her beloved brother, whom she refers to as her “son.”

Mercy Johnson recently wrote on Instagram about buying a birthday cake for her younger brother, Joseph Junior Johnson.

In the video, the actress’s brother joyously knelt down as she sang a birthday song and tenderly presented him the cake.

Even though she was on set, the actress said that she still extended a warm and caring hand to her brother.

Joseph couldn’t hide his emotions as he knelt to express his gratitude after receiving the cake, but his sister quickly drew him back to his feet.

During the video’s posting, the actress addressed her brother as a son and highlighted how committed and supportive he has been to her family.

Suzied1509 commented on the post, stating, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa May the Lord continue to bless and favor you throughout your life. IJN, I wish you a long and prosperous life. I’m sure you had a fantastic day with your family.”

“Happy birthday, brother, and many victories in life @mercyjohnsonokojie mommy” God bless u for ur nice hrt a love u simply the finest mum an everyone is hoping for God to bless u forever,” white barry_ said.

“Chai God bless u more mama, behold his genuine grin,” favy remarked unusually.

“From all of us, mercymagic,” lagosshop mercymagic remarked. SIR, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.”