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Goya Menor – Grace ft. Ladé (Video)
Goya Menor – Grace ft. Ladé (Video)

Goya Menor, the Headies Award winner, has released the video for his new great single, “Grace.”

As a consequence, Goya Menor’s most recent CD incorporates the voice of Nigerian rising star Ladé.

Additionally, it follows the recent release of the video for his song “Bounce,” making this his second release of the year.

Quotable Lyrics:

Ha, Goya menor
I heard that you’re looking for Lade o(Menor)
Hmmm yeah eh

If I say(ah)
make I think am make I reason am
E plenty die(Uwe?)
Nor be say na me do pass but I nor carry last(Oniatana)
Grace e cover me
You know I nor fit carry last

Watch the video below: