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“First, I’m going to lick all the muds in Mile 12,” Angel Smith of BBN explains why she would never propose to a man

Angel Agnes Smith of RealityTV2 has revealed what she will do before proposing to any man.

This was revealed by Angel in response to a query posed on Twitter, which asked women if they would propose to a male.

In response to the question, Angel stated that before proposing to any man, she would first lick all of Mile 12’s muds.

However, Bisi Alimi, an HIV/LGBT activist who made history as the first Nigerian to come out on television, has spoken out about his battle with the Human Immune Virus (HIV).

The outspoken campaigner stated that he had been battling HIV and that his best buddy died of AIDS at the age of 26.

Alimi published his ‘HIV and Me’ tale on his Instagram page.

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