Doctors in Abia State have indicated that they are withdrawing their services from both public and private hospitals in protest over Professor Uwadinachi Iweha’s kidnapping and continuing detention.

Iweha was abducted in front of his home in Umuokpara, Umuahia, Abia’s South Local Government Area, last week.

During their protest last Friday, the doctors threatened to quit working if their kidnapped colleague was not released after 47 hours.

Dr. Chimezie Okwuonu, the Chairman of the Nigeria Medical Association, NMA, Abia State, announced the doctors’ decision on Tuesday following a protest at the Federal Medical Centre Umuahia’s car park. He said the action was to inform the world that the safety of physicians in Abia was no longer guaranteed.

The current decision, according to Okwuonu, will allow NMA to join Iweha’s family in their quest for him.

“As an Association strongly committed to the welfare of Medical Doctors in Abia State, we are worried that Prof Uwadinachi Iweha is still within the kidnappers’ Den nine days later,” Okwuonu stated, reading from a prepared address he co-signed with Dr. Robinson Ugwuanyi, the body’s Secretary. This is terrible, demoralizing, and dehumanizing, and it has fostered anxiety in the medical community, whose primary goal is to save Abians’ lives from a medical standpoint.

“The Nigerian Medical Association of Abia State condemns the kidnapping of one of its members and urges the Abia State government and security apparatus to do everything possible to achieve his return.”

“Our sincere hope is that his health does not worsen any further and that he returns to us and his family alive.”

“With the current condition of dread created by our colleague’s kidnapping and arrest, safety cannot be guaranteed, and it will be impossible to carry out normal duties because no one knows who will be the next victim.”

“Today, Tuesday 14th, the NMA Abia State has begun a service withdrawal in both the public and private sectors, to express its great disgust with this tragic tragedy and offer its members time to join the family in their search for their loved ones.”

“However, emergency services continue to be provided so that our members can attend to critical patients.”

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