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Diamond Platnumz, Mbosso, and Wasafi Records’ Boss present the video for their latest single, “Oka” (Street).

Diamond Platnumz’s recent effort, ‘First Of All,’ featured the song “Oka.” The Nusdervenom and Lizer Classic-produced anthem gives Mbosso vibes.

“Oka” is a Swahili love ballad with a distinctly “street” feel to it. It’s difficult to explain, but it shows affection in a unique, regional manner.

It’s about a lady you fall in love with who has this thing about her—the way she moves, dances, and everything—that drives you insane.


Hanscana was in charge of the video’s direction.

Quotable Lyrics;

Baby ooh
Unifanya Nini
Mi mwana wa mwenzio
Maana kwako sioni umenifunga na sikio
Ukinishika hapa (utamu)
Ukinigusa huku (utamu)
Ukinichumu Mimi (utamu)
Ukinibusubusu jaman
Oka okaka
Oka okaka
Oka okaka
Oka okaka

Watch the video below: