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“Devil dey discover where you dey in wickedness,” Doris Ogala screams as she threatens Benedict Johnson

Doris Ogala, a famous Nollywood actress, confronts a male colleague, Benedict Johnson, and threatens to disclose his affairs.

The actress had taken to Instagram to underline rejecting warnings from fellow actress Uche Elendu about Benedict’s snake-like behavior.

doris ogala

Doris Ogala expressed her regrets, referring to Benedict Johnson as a person who is capable of taking the life of another human being.

“Oh, Benedict Johnson.” You have the ability to kill… @Ucheelendu It took me years to discover the truth. Oh, my friends! Doris, don’t carry person matters in your brain… Johnson, Benedict She wrote, “You are a snake…”

benedict johnson

Doris continued, without exposing the actor’s behavior, “Hmmm fear people ooo..hmm #friendenemy.” Nawa ooo… Johnson, Benedict You can kill and then ask who killed…. Na wa oooh… “I’m still in shock.”

“Coming Soon… Benedict…. If this is the only thing I owe Uche Elendu… I must expose your snitching a$$ and gossip mouth… We pass a woman while gossiping, dude. I’m envious… If you’re capable of doing that to me… Then you’re a bad person. Because I’ve never been evil, you are. Because I’ve never done you wrong. It’s the fourth time. I keep 4giving you, but not anymore. “The rest of the world needs to know.”