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The third mother of his children, Chioma, and Nigerian singer Davido have announced their impending nuptials for 2023.

The pair, who have recently rekindled their romance in the public eye, became engaged in 2019 and set a July 2020 wedding date. However, following the birth of their son Ifeanyi, their relationship deteriorated.

Additionally, Davido admitted that his relationship with Chioma suffered when he made their romance public in an interview with Ndani in 2021.

Davido confirms he and Chioma are getting married in 2023

He said that after becoming a prominent personality, Chioma began to get several hateful comments on social media.

Davido and Chioma appear to have gone past that, as the singer announced their impending nuptials in 2023 and Nigerian Pastor Tobi Adegboyega, who resides in the UK, frequently referred to the mother of one as “Our wife, our genuine wife” after giving her a Birkin bag, as shown in a recent video.