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“Daniella is proving difficult because of Khalid”- Dotun complains after she rejected his advances, Deji advises him [Video]


Naija housemate BB Dotun has sought guidance from co-housemate Deji on his feelings for Daniella and her inability to accept his approaches.

Remember how Daniella and Dotun shared a bed last night? Dotun attempted to romance her, but Daniella intervened and told him they should just be friends.

Dotun told Deji about the situation this morning, and she advised him to keep trying because Khalid had only been in the house for two weeks. He told Dotun to remove Khalid from Daniella’s memory.

Read their conversation below:

Dotun: Daniella is difficult to deal with because of Khalid.

Deji: Don’t let that deter you; she’d only known Khalid for two weeks.