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“Classmates who degraded me by not paying my school fees are now attempting to contact me” Joe Boy

Joeboy, a famous Afropop artist, has urged schools in Nigeria to stop humiliating pupils who are unable to pay their school fees.

During an interview with journalist and broadcaster Chude Jideonwo, he made the call, adding that they should also cease beating pupils for the same reason.

Joeboy also recalls being ashamed in high school since he was known as a student who couldn’t pay his fees.

According to the ‘Alcohol’ singer, his peers called him out once at school when the administrators tried to punish individuals whose parents had not paid their school fees.

He stated that the same folks have been attempting to contact him, but he continues to ignore them.

“Some challenges are on the road, maybe you fail some tests, maybe you owe the school money,” Joeboy remarked. There was one section where there were school expenses, for example. That was so embarrassing, I need to tell schools about it on tape. I’m not sure if they still do it, but if a child owes school fees, don’t call the youngster out and say you owe school money; instead, simply tell the child not to come to school.

Another thing they used to do was flog the child for failing to pay school fees. The child does not have money right now, so I need to record that so that anyone who owns a school who is watching does not shame the child because he owes school fees.

So it was incredibly uncomfortable for me at the time because I believe it harmed my self-esteem, I remember one event, I was in JS3 because they used to come to this class to name those who owed school fees.

So before they even said anything, folks were saying Aminfewa Joseph, so I still remember those men to this day, huh. And when they try to contact me, I just ignore them, as if to say, “Why are you talking to me?” They may not have meant it, but it hurts me.”