The Lagos State government has issued a warning to people who share a video of Chrisland school kids allegedly participating in child pornography on social media.


When the kids were brought on a vacation to Dubai, they were reported to have engaged in the act.

Lagos State has issued a warning against spreading the footage, threatening anyone who does so with a 14-year prison sentence.

“We also use this medium to educate the general public that anyone who engages in any visual portrayal of sexual activities involving a minor is guilty of a crime and faces a fourteen-year prison sentence.” The state defines this as “creating, distributing, receiving, or possessing an image of child pornography.”

“This is to reassure members of the public of the State Government’s commitment to child safety and protection, particularly in ensuring that all child-centered institutions within the state formulate and implement policies and systems that are compliant with the Executive Order (NO.EO/AA08 of 2016), Lagos State Safeguarding and Child Protection Program,” the state added.

However, the Lagos State Police Command has launched an investigation into the incident at Chrisland, pledging that no miscarriage of justice will occur.

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