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Charles Awurum, a veteran actor, has slammed several Nollywood blunders, calling for the ‘quarks’ to be removed in order for Africa’s top film industry to shine.

The humorous actor claimed that some actors and actresses now buy the roles they want to play even when they are unable to fulfill them, pointing out some of the industry’s malpractices. He further said that some people enter the sector to engage in prostitution.

“These are the things you see that make you want to stay away from every production.” They also employ out-of-date cameras, which results in low-quality work,” Charles remarked.

These comments were made by the renowned actor while speaking with The PUNCH about his upbringing and acting career.

“I didn’t say money is the only issue; I said it is one of the elements that has decimated the sector,” Charles remarked in response to a query about the industry’s challenges and reported a lack of technological know-how. Most people believe that once they get into the industry, everything will fall into place. They do not devote sufficient time to learning the technical aspects of the profession, particularly production. They desire to be this and that, despite their inability to act.

“Some come and pay for the show and do other things just to get their way and gain the celebrity they desire.” People are there for a variety of reasons – some to get fame, some to acquire money, and none of them care about the quality of the work they produce. Some are there for the women, while others are there to build a name for themselves so they can move on to other things and make their own place in the world. Some are there for prostitution, while others are there for reasons only they know about.

“If you’re in an industry for the purpose of the industry, you’ll make it happen; if you’re there for other reasons, you won’t.” When you first enter the industry, you are there to establish a name for yourself and achieve a goal in that industry, not to hunt for women or do other things unrelated to the production process.

“There are individuals who enter the field with no talent and no desire to learn.” They’re only there to say that they’re in the film business and that they’re ruining it. To gain an advantage, some people even buy the parts they want to play, flaunt their wealth with flashy cars, and send gifts to producers. You’ll encounter a lead actor who can’t deliver a scene in a film and makes things difficult for everyone else involved in the production. Even if they strive for days to shoot just one scene, the producers will not want to alter the cast because the individual has been kind to them. Nowadays, some actors even sell their parts.

“This is what is happening there, and due to a lack of funds, they are also using out-of-date cameras, resulting in low-quality work.” However, there are still good films, and until those quirks are removed, Nigeria’s film industry will continue to be perceived as adrift.

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